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Industrial Postdoc projects

Industrial Innovation Projects and Societal Innovation Projects are the main instrument within the Industrial and Societal Partnership Program (ISPP) of Digital Futures to foster research collaboration and impact within the Digital Futures eco-system. The ISPP is rapidly growing into a network of industrial companies and public entities with a strategic interest in technologies for digital transformation. The main goals of the ISPP are to

  1. position Stockholm as a leading area in the field of digitalization,
  2. to identify trends, challenges, and opportunities related to digitalization for different players (private companies, public authorities), and
  3. to foster the creation of novel and innovative project consortia that can address challenges and grow into larger consortia and initiatives.

Thus, a major part of the industrial and societal impact and dissemination of Digital Futures is intended to take place through the ISPP. ISPP postdoc projects are considered a targeted instrument through which ISPP partners can address specific, well-defined research challenges in collaboration with Digital Futures faculty.

ISPP postdoc projects must have a duration of 2 years.

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