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Improving resilience: Using insurance data to design better loss prevention

January 2024 – December 2026

The project’s primary goal is to devise strategies for mitigating losses in properties covered by the City of Stockholm’s proprietary insurance firm, St Erik. To lay the foundation for a loss reduction strategy concerning fire and water losses, the project involves the combination and analysis of insurance data and administrative building-related data. This information will be supplemented with details regarding loss reduction measures taken at the individual building level. The results of the analysis will be used to put in place actual loss reduction measures.

The City of Stockholm insures its buildings via St Erik. Among the insured buildings are the three major housing companies, along with the city’s real estate office. The housing companies Stockholmshem AB, Svenska Bostäder AB, and Familjebostäder AB own about 70,000 apartments. Currently, the City of Stockholm’s insurance company is experiencing an upward trend in insured losses. This trend is expected to continue in the future, even due to the impact of climate change. Improving loss prevention measures is crucial to enhancing resilience.

In collaboration with the City of Stockholm and its municipal companies, the project strives to both identify and implement effective loss prevention. The work will contribute to better adapting the City of Stockholm to the consequences of climate change.

Crossdisciplinary collaboration
The project partner is the City of Stockholms insurance company, St Erik AB.



Christian Thomann

Associate Professor, INDEK at KTH, PI: Improving resilience: Using insurance data to design better loss prevention, Digital Futures Faculty