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The Digital Futures governance and management structure involves more than one hundred faculty members and currently consists of the KTH President, the Governing Board, the Executive Committee, the Operations Team, the Strategic Research Committee and Working Groups.

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Governing Board

The decision-making body of Digital Futures, deciding on the strategic plan and budget.

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Executive Committee

Responsible for day-to-day operations.

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Involved in the implementation of instruments and activities.

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Partnership Programme

The Industrial and Societal Partnership Programme (ISPP) is established through a partnership agreement between the founding entities of […]

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Strategic Research Committee

Responsible for shaping the research strategy of Digital Futures.

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Working Groups

The Working Groups address the societal challenges and research themes that the Digital Futures Strategic Research Programme focuses on.

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Digital Futures Affiliated Scholars

The Digital Futures Affiliated Scholars are adjunct faculty members at KTH, Stockholm University or RISE.

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Digital Futures Faculty

The Digital Futures faculty members are the principal investigators, key researchers, and managers of Digital Futures.

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