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Strategic Collaboration

The Industrial and Societal Partnership Programme (ISPP) at Digital Futures pursues the following goals:

  • The formation of an eco-system through which members identify cutting-edge challenges, strategies and approaches regarding digital transformation in their respective domains and their joint context.
  • Strategic funding of joint research activities addressing upcoming challenges in industrial and/or societal settings, creating new constellations and consortia among the eco-system while leveraging fundamental and applied research methods.
  • The further strengthening of the Stockholm region, the ISPP members and Digital Futures as a world-leading innovation hub in digital transformation.
  • The strengthening of ISPP members through continuous exchange with ongoing research activities within Digital Futures, recruiting opportunities for Digital Futures graduates, as well as the participation in thematic workshops, lectures and outreach activities such as Digitalize in Stockholm

Governance and Organization of Industrial and Societal Partnership Programme (ISPP)

If you like to know more about our Partnership Programme, please contact:

Anna Kiefer, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Futures
+46 8 790 74 80

James Gross, Professor, Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, KTH
Associate Director Partner Programme, Digital Futures
+46 8 790 88 19