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Host an event

Digital Futures supports multiple workshops, conferences, and related events every year and offers support that ranges from the use of the Digital Futures hub and event organisation support from Digital Futures staff for marketing, advertising, and co-financing.

Note that events (seminars, lectures, workshops) that require e.g. the cafeteria can be booked on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. General meetings that only require other spaces (e.g. kitchen, conference room, curtain areas, tree top table) can always be booked through the room booking system SKEDDA – go to Room booking for more information.

Digital Futures supports two main types of events:

  1. Digital Futures Events: These events are related to a project that is funded by Digital Futures (Collaborative Projects, Demonstrator Projects, Societal Innovation Projects, etc.). Digital Futures can provide administrative support to organise the event as well as assist with advertising and marketing. The Digital Futures hub is also available for hosting the event (if needed). Digital Futures events are funded by project budgets and are not eligible for additional funding from Digital Futures.
  2. Co-Sponsored Events: These events are hosted by Digital Futures Faculty and are closely aligned with the Digital Futures agenda. They are not part of a Digital Futures project. Event organisers are responsible for administering these events. Digital Futures can provide assistance with advertising and marketing and can book the Digital Futures hub (if needed). Organisers of Co-Sponsored Events can also apply for co-financing up to 30 kSEK from Digital Futures, if the physical part of the event takes place in Sweden or the event is fully virtual. Please provide a high-level description of what the co-funding will be used for.
For all events, we request that Digital Futures be acknowledged in promotional materials. To propose a Digital Futures event, please complete the Digital Futures Event Application. We will get back to you as soon as possible – normally within a week.