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Postdoc fellowships

Postdoc fellowships are part of the Digital Futures mobility program. With this program of funding, we aim to support talented early-career researchers in pursuing their research ideas in a new research group. The network, facilities and development opportunities provided through the program are carefully configured to boost the postdoc fellows’ future careers. The call is targeted towards applicants three years after the completion of their doctorate degree and is primarily aimed at bringing new talent to the Digital Futures environment.  

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Deep Learning Approaches for Long-term Future Forecasting

Hao Hu is a postdoc researcher at KTH RPL working with Hossein Azizpour. Before joining KTH, he worked as a research scientist in FX Palo Alto Laboratory (FXPAL), California, United States.

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Digital Transformations for Optimizing the Post-Pandemic Sustainable Smart City

Stacy Vallis completed her doctoral studies in architecture at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her doctoral research responded to the risks to public urban safety...

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Distributed Optimization and Federated Learning in Emerging Smart Networks

Xuyang Wu is a Postdoctoral researcher at KTH Digital Futures, co-supervised by Prof. Mikael Johansson at KTH (DCS, EECS) and Prof. Sindri Magnússon at SU (DSV).

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Foreignness as a conceptual framework for interaction design

Claudia Núñez-Pacheco is an interaction design researcher and artist. She holds a PhD and a master’s degree from the Sydney School of Design at the University of Sydney...

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Fusion of Radar and Optical Remote Sensing Time Series for Wildfire Monitoring with Deep Learning

Puzhao Zhang received his PhD degree in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems from Xidian University, China at the end of 2019. His PhD research was focused on remote sensing...

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How people are making the city smart – the role of algorithms in urban space

Mareike Glöss main research interest is understanding digital transformations and their diffusion into everyday life. She looks at how novel computing technologies are appropriated...

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Intelligent wireless communications and high-accuracy positioning systems

Deyou Zhang is a Digital Futures Postdoc at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of KTH, where he is supervised by Dr Ming Xiao, Co-supervised by Prof. Lihui Wang, and Dr Zhibo Pang...

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Learning Analytics in Higher education

Mohammed Saqr has obtained a PhD in learning analytics from the Department of Computer and Systems Sciences, Stockholm University, Sweden in 2018. He has worked at...

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On The Feminist Design of Social Robots and Designing Robots For Young People, With Young People

After originally studying to be a mechanical engineer, Katie Winkle undertook a PhD on social robotics at the Bristol Robotics Laboratory in the UK, where she...

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