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Carlo Fischione

Title of the project
Machine Learning over Wireless Internet of Things

Background and summary of fellowship:
As data generation increasingly takes place on wireless IoT devices, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (AI/ML) over the Internet of Things (IoT) wireless networks becomes critical. Many studies have shown that state-of-the-art wireless protocols are highly inefficient or unsustainable to support AI/ML services. There is a consensus in the forefront research communities that AI/ML for the connected world is at its infancy and much will have to be investigated in the next decade. In this research project, I will follow a research plan dived into roughly three open research sub-directions:

  1. Theoretical foundations of distributed AI/ML: I will contribute to making AI/ML theory aware of the characteristics of
    the wireless networks, and will fundamentally rethink it.
  2. Theoretical foundations of AI/ML to design wireless networks: I will contribute to radically redesign by AI/ML the
    future communication protocols for critical societal applications, due to the deficiencies of model-based methods.
    This includes also the optimisation of the current wireless protocols using AI/ML, which is at the very beginning.
  3. Theoretical foundations to redesign wireless for supporting AI/ML services: future wireless networks will have to
    support pervasive AI/ML services. Current communication protocols are highly insufficient for such purposes. I will
    contribute to establishing fundamentally new wireless protocols and theories, such as “over the air function computations”,
    to support AI/ML services over IoT.


Picture of Carlo Fischione

Carlo Fischione

Professor, Division of Network and Systems Engineering at KTH, Co-PI of research project Decision-making in Critical Societal Infrastructures (DEMOCRITUS), Digital Futures fellow, Digital Futures Faculty

+46 73 632 25 61