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Fusion of Radar and Optical Remote Sensing Time Series for Wildfire Monitoring with Deep Learning

Title of the postdoc project
How people are making the city smart – the role of algorithms in urban space

Main supervisor
Yifang Ban, Professor, Division of Geoinformatics, KTH

Josephine Sullivan,
Associate professor, Division of Robotics, Perception and Learning, KTH

About the Digital Futures Postdoc Fellow
Puzhao Zhang received his PhD degree in Pattern Recognition and Intelligent Systems from Xidian University, China at the end of 2019. His PhD research was focused on remote sensing and deep learning for change detection.  Since fall, 2017, he has been working on wildfire monitoring with radar and optical remote sensing and deep learning as a joint PhD student at KTH.

Puzhao’s postdoc research will be focused on the development of weakly/self-supervised deep learning method for near real-time wildfire monitoring by the fusion of radar and optical time series. His research interests include satellite imagery analysis, change detection, machine learning/deep learning, and spatio-temporal modelling for environmental change monitoring.



Puzhao Zhang

Digital Futures Postdoctoral Fellow
Photo of Yifang Ban

Yifang Ban

Prof. and Head of Division, Geoinformatics, KTH, PI of research project EO-AI4GlobalChange, Digital Futures

+46 8 790 86 48
Josephine Sullivan

Josephine Sullivan

Associate Professor, Divsion of Robotics, Perception and Learning, KTH, Co-PI of research project EO-AI4GlobalChange, Digital Futures

+46 8 790 61 36