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Digital Transformations for Optimizing the Post-Pandemic Sustainable Smart City

Title of the postdoc project
Digital Transformations for Optimizing the Post-Pandemic Sustainable Smart City

Main supervisor
Andrew Karvonen, Associate Professor, Urban and Regional Studies, KTH

Elina Eriksson
, Associate professor, Division of Media Technology and Interaction Designs, KTH

About the Digital Futures Postdoc Fellow
Stacy Vallis completed her doctoral studies in architecture at the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her doctoral research responded to the risks to public urban safety, posed by natural hazards and explored the applications of geospatial and drone technologies for rapid assessment of contemporary and historic urban centres, to inform the selection of retrofit solutions that generate safer streetscapes.

Stacy’s postdoctoral research will also be driven by overarching themes of public wellbeing, disaster response, and the integration of emerging technologies in urban centres. She will examine human-centred approaches for optimizing the development of digital technologies in post-pandemic Sustainable Smart Cities. Her work will provide insights on how digitalization is being used to enhance public health and well-being through retrofit of the built environment.

Stacy is also passionate about the use of cultural heritage and intergenerational dialogue as tools for addressing many societal challenges.


Picture of Stacy Vallis

Stacy Ann Vallis

Digital Futures Postdoctoral Fellow
Picture of Andrew Karvonen

Andrew Karvonen

Associate Professor at KTH, Co-PI of research project Humanizing the Sustainable Smart City (HiSS) at Digital Futures
Picture of Elina Eriksson

Elina Eriksson

Associate Professor, Division of Media Technology and Interaction Designs at KTH, Working group Smart Society at Digital Futures

+46 8 790 62 77