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Mid-sized Seated Haptic Interactions for Autonomous Vehicles

This demo project will develop a prototype for mid-sized haptic seated interactions in collaboration with Volvo Cars. The demo will exemplify how to prepare drivers to dis -and re-engage with self-driving cars through the seat, create posture awareness and increase comfort for drivers. This is an urgent need for our collaborators at Volvo Cars, which impacts the safety and feasibility of semi- and automated cars on the roads. The prototype will be designed using novel haptic technologies and interaction design techniques that develop and strengthen a mutual collaboration between user and system. The project will result in technical innovation in mid-level haptics and the construction of design knowledge for an orchestrated meaningful touch of the body.

Semi-autonomous cars are a growth area. Designing interactions within self-driving cars that are able to re-engage drivers in a driving issue in a timely and safe manner continues to be an open question for manufacturers and researchers. This project will demonstrate the feasibility and efficacy of using mid-sized haptics embedded within a car seat to re-engage and dis-engage a driver in a semi-autonomous car setting.

Crossdisciplinary collaboration
The researchers in the team represent the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, KTH and the School of industrial engineering and management and RISE.

Watch the recorded presentation at Digitalize in Stockholm 2022 event:



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Picture of Anna Ståhl

Anna Ståhl

Senior researcher, PhD, Connected Intelligence, Digital Systems at RISE, PI of project Mid-sized Seated Haptic Interactions for Autonomous Vehicles, Digital Futures Faculty

+46 10 228 43 51
Picture of Madeline Balaam

Madeline Balaam

Associate Professor, Division of Media Technology and Interaction Designs at KTH, Co-PI of project Layering Trust in Intimate Digital Health Technologies, Co-PI of project Mid-sized Seated Haptic Interactions for Autonomous Vehicles, Co-Supervisor for postdoc project Relational Aspects of Care in Intimate Digital Health Technologies, Digital Futures Faculty

+46 8 790 66 27