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Learning in Routing Games for Sustainable Electromobility (RoSE)

About the project
The RoSE project will employ large-scale simulation, learning, and game theory to develop sustainability-aware traffic routing tools. The tools will leverage and fuse heterogeneous, noisy, and often incomplete data from a variety of sources, such as infrastructure condition data, traffic flow data, and power distribution grid data. The key contribution is to account for operational costs, infrastructure condition deterioration, and environmental externalities in the design of socially desirable, sustainable traffic routing mechanisms. We will address questions such as: How should heavy-duty vehicles be routed at scale to find a good trade-off between operational costs, sustainability, and electric power grid constraints?

The transportation sector is the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions worldwide (about 24% of CO2 emissions in the EU and about 28% in the USA). The electrification of road transportation presents an opportunity to defer emissions from roads to electric power generation. However, the ambition to achieve zero-emission mobility requires a new, sustainability-oriented approach to transportation planning at a societal scale, respecting infrastructural constraints and individual incentives, while being resilient to infrastructure component failures and data uncertainty. A promising approach is using digital tools for traffic routing that maximizes the utilization of green energy while respecting other vital environmental constraints.

Crossdisciplinary collaboration
RoSE is a collaboration between KTH (EECS and ABE school) and MIT in Cambridge, USA (Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering).

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Henrik Sandberg

Professor, Division of Decision and Control Systems at KTH EECs, Working group Trust, Co-PI of research project Decision-making in Critical Societal Infrastructures (DEMOCRITUS) at Digital Futures

+46 8 790 72 94
Picture of Saurabh Amin

Saurabh Amin

Associate Professor, Civil and Environmental Engineering Massachusetts Institute of Technology

György Dán

Professor, Division of Network and Systems Engineering at KTH, Strategic Research Committee, Chair working group Cooperate, PI of research project Susan’s Ride on Campus2030, Co-PI of research project Learning in Routing Games for Sustainable Electromobility at Digital Futures

+46 8 790 42 53
Picture of Gyözö Gidofalvi

Gyözö Gidofalvi

Associate Professor at KTH, Co-PI of research project Learning in Routing Games for Sustainable Electromobility at Digital Futures

+46 8 790 70 21