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Societal Committee

The Societal Committee (IC) supports the Industrial and Societal Board (ISB).  The members of the Societal Committee include societal partner representatives.

The members of the Societal Committee are:

  • Karin Ekdahl-Wästberg – Innovation Director, City of Stockholm (Chair)​
  • Annette Alkebo – Strategist, Innovation, Region Stockholm​ (Vice Chair)
  • Anders Broberg – Senior Advisor Smart City, City of Stockholm​
  • Pernilla Jonsson – Head of Consumer and Industry Lab, Ericsson​
  • Elisabet Rendahl – Research Coordinator, Region Stockholm​
  • Mats Rönnbo – Sustainovation Director, Skanska​
  • James Gross – Professor, Division of Information Science and Engineering, KTH- EECS, Associate Director Partners, Digital Futures
  • Annika Gram – Head of Division, Building Technology and Design,​ KTH-ABE
  • Sara Ilstedt – Professor, Unit of integrated product development and design,​ KTH-ITM
  • Joakim Jaldén – Professor, Division of information science and engineering, KTH-EECS​
  • Johan Schuber – Senior Research Advisor, KTH
  • Katarina Fasth Lappalainen – Associate Professor, Department of Law, ​Stockholm University
  • Erik Perjons – Associate Professor, Department of Computer and Systems Sciences​, Stockholm University