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Membership benefits

Incentives and Obligations

By becoming a Digital Futures faculty member, you get:

Access to the Digital Futures Hub

  • Possibility to organize meetings, seminars, and events – link to room booking at Digital Futures hub.
  • Chat or take a break and get the best coffee on campus (for free)
  • Interact with other excellent researchers and partner companies

Actively involved in the organization of Digital Futures

  • Have an active role as PI, co-PI, SRC member, EC member, board member, task group member, and/or explicitly involved in organizing other activities
  • Attend and engage your group to attend seminars, events etc.

Officially affiliated with Digital Futures

  • Goal: Increase the international awareness of Digital Futures and its researchers
  • List all Digital Futures faculty and their group members on Digital Futures webpage.

It is strongly encouraged and allowed to state Digital Futures as another affiliation in all published papers and other outreach activities for you and your group. Find out more on the FAQ page.

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