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Application & Eligibility

How do I become a member?

There are two ways of becoming a Digital Futures faculty member

Alternative 1, if you are

  • a member of the Digital Futures Governing Board (GB), Executive Committee (EC), Industrial & Societal Board (ISB), Industrial Committee (IC) or Societal Committee (SC) with a faculty position,
  • an ICT TNG faculty member, or
  • a PI or co-PI for a project funded by Digital Futures, then you are implicitly a faculty member if you meet the eligibility criteria (see below). However, we still need your formal application if you want to be an official Digital Futures faculty member. Suppose a researcher who is not a Digital Futures faculty member assumes one of the roles above (e.g., by getting a Digital Futures grant). In that case, the researcher automatically becomes a faculty member according to the above.

Link to Digital Futures Faculty Application Form for Already Involved Faculty

Alternative 2, anyone who is eligible (read section Eligibility further down the page) can

  1. Fill in an application form with the following information:
    • why you would like to become a Digital Futures faculty member
    • what you think that you can contribute with and attach your CV
  2. The Digital Futures Executive Committee (EC) will discuss the application at the next EC meeting. The main evaluation criteria are: (i) that the applicant is an active researcher within the scope of Digital Futures, and (ii) that the motivation for contributions to Digital Futures is relevant.
    • A response with the decision is sent back to the applicant by the operations team.

This lightweight process will, in the normal case, take at most a month.

Link to Digital Futures Faculty Application Form


The following positions/titles/roles are eligible to apply for Digital Futures faculty:

  • Assistant Professor
  • Associate Professor
  • Full Professor
  • Permanent full-time Researcher  (”tillsvidareanställning”)

with a PhD degree and 80% employment or more at KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University, or RISE Research Institutes of Sweden (researchers employed by RISE Digital Systems Division in the Stockholm area).



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