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Working Groups

The Working Groups address the societal challenges and research themes that the Digital Futures Strategic Research Programme focuses on Smart Society, Digitalized Industry, Rich and Healthy Life, Educational Transformation, Trust, Cooperate and Learn. The Working Groups are chaired by members of the Strategic Research Committee.

If you are interested in joining any of the working groups, please feel free to contact the respective chair.

Click on the headlines below to learn more and to see the members of each group.

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Smart Society

Smart Society refers to urban societies that are growing rapidly and becoming increasingly complex and reliant on large infrastructures...

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Digitalized Industry

Digitalized industry focusses on disruptive innovations in manufacturing and process automation...

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Rich and Healthy Life

Rich and healthy life concerns how digital interactions and technologies may bring richness, meaning and health to our everyday lives...

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Educational Transformation

Engineering education handles modern digital technologies, AI and access to data to provide new opportunities to develop education and ways of learning...

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Trust emphasises the development of mechanisms that create and ensure trust in societal transformation in general as well as in specific engineered systems...

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Cooperate recognises that systems are to an ever-growing degree interconnected and cooperating; creating new opportunities, but also increasing design and implementation complexity...

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Learn involves how to extract information from data that makes systems smart and adaptive or even autonomous...

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