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Q. What happens if a Digital Futures faculty member leaves his/her host organisation (KTH, SU, or RISE)?
A. In such a case, the professor/researcher cannot be a Digital Futures faculty member anymore and will be removed from the official Digital Future faculty list. They automatically become Digital Futures faculty alumni.

Q. What happens if a Digital Futures faculty member leaves a position at Digital Futures (e.g. the Strategic Research Committee)?
A. The faculty member is still a Digital Futures faculty member as long as they stay in the same host organization (KTH, SU, or RISE).

Q. What happens if a Digital Futures faculty member moves between KTH, SU, or RISE?
A. The faculty member keeps his/her Digital Futures faculty member status, as long as the eligibility is still fulfilled.

Q. Can an adjunct professor or an affiliated researcher become a Digital Futures faculty member?
No, a faculty member must have full-time employment at SU, KTH, or RISE and be allowed to handle funding (in case of a PI or co-PI role).

Q. If there are active researchers (who are not PIs or co-PIs) in a project, can they then become Digital Futures faculty members? 
A. Yes, that is possible. According to Alternative 2, anyone who is eligible can

    1. Fill in an application form (Link to Digital Futures Faculty Application Form) with the following information:
      • why you would like to become a DF faculty member
      • what you think that you can contribute with and attach your CV
    2. The Digital Futures Executive Committee (EC) discusses the application at the next EC meeting. The main evaluation criteria are: (i) that the applicant is an active researcher within the scope of Digital Futures, and (ii) that the motivation for contributions to Digital Futures is relevant.
    3. A response with the decision is sent back to the applicant by the operations team

Q. How should projects funded by Digital Futures be acknowledged in published papers?
A. The preferable and encouraged way is that Digital Futures faculty members and their group members use Digital Futures as a second affiliation. Alternatively, Digital Futures can also be mentioned in the acknowledgement, but the latter is not necessary if Digital Futures is given as a second affiliation of the authors.

Examples below: 

  • If you are KTH affiliated, you can write, e.g., “Anna Andersson, EECS and Digital Futures, KTH Royal Institute of Technology”.
  • If you are at Stockholm University or RISE, you can write Digital Futures as a second affiliation, e.g., “Frank Smith, Stockholm University and Digital Futures”.
  • If you also mention Digital Futures in the acknowledgement in a paper, you can for instance write “This work was in part financially supported by Digital Futures”.

Q. Is it possible to resign as a Digital Futures faculty member or as alumni?
A. Yes, of course. Simply send an email to

Q. How do I book a meeting room at the Digital Futures hub?
A. Digital Futures faculty may use the Digital Futures facilities. Link to descriptions of conference rooms, office spaces and how to book.