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Closed call 2020-06-14: Postdoc fellows in technologies for a digital transformation

Digital Futures postdoc fellowships aim to support talented early career researchers in pursuing their research ideas and developing their future career.

What we offer

  • Funding to pursue your research ideas and a possibility to conduct research at a leading technical university that creates knowledge and expertise for a sustainable future.
  • Network of colleagues and peers with high ambitions in an open, curious, and dynamic environment.
  • An international workplace.
  • Access to Digital Futures resources, its network of academic and industrial partners, infrastructure and testbeds, events and happenings.
  • Mentorship and support in career development and research leadership education.
  • Help to relocate and settle in Sweden.


Digital Futures postdoc fellowships is a mobility program for talented early career researchers, who will bring new expertise to Digital Futures. We especially target applicants within three years after completion of the doctorate degree.

The core research themes in Digital Futures are “Trust”, “Learn”, and “Cooperate” cutting across three prioritized societal contexts — Smart society, Digitalized industry, and Rich and healthy life, complemented by Engineering Education. Your research should fit broadly in that scope.


As a postdoc fellow, you are expected to pursue your research ideas and conduct research of the highest quality.

You shall become active citizens of Digital Futures, for instance, by taking roles in organization of workshops and seminars, teaching PhD-level courses, or participating in public outreach.

To facilitate interdisciplinary collaborations, as a postdoc fellow, you will be supervised by a KTH faculty and co-supervised by an Stockholm University faculty, a RISE researcher, or a KTH faculty from a different school than the main supervisor.


  • A doctoral degree or an equivalent foreign degree, obtained within the last three years prior to the application deadline. (The eligibility period can be extended beyond 3 years for certain circumstances, such as maternity leave. Please indicate those in your CV. )
  • A track record demonstrating excellent research expertise.
  • Ability to work independently as well as a part of team.
  • Ability to fluently communicate research ideas and results.
  • Awareness of issues of values, including diversity and equal treatment issues with a particular focus on gender equality, and ethical research conduct.

Preferred qualifications

  • We welcome applicants with complementary expertise and experiences brought to KTH, Stockholm University and RISE from other research environments.
  • International experience.
  • Interdisciplinary background.
  • Educational ability.

Selection process

The applications will be evaluated by a committee including KTH and Stockholm University faculty, as well as RISE Digital Systems researchers, based on the merits of the applicant and the strength, originality, feasibility, and relevance of the proposed research activities. Great emphasis will be placed on personal competence and suitability.


The deadline for the first round of applications is Jun 14th, 2020. The notifications will be sent out in July. The successful applicants shall start as soon as possible, but no later than in November 2020.

This is a recurring call, the next round of applications is expected to open in Fall 2020.


The application must include:

  • CV including relevant professional experience and knowledge.
  • Copy of diplomas and grades from your doctoral studies. If you have not obtained a doctoral degree, yet, include diplomas and grades from your Master studies. Translations into English or Swedish if the original documents have not been issued in any of these languages.
  • A research statement describing your past and current research (max 1 page) and a proposal of future research activities, including how it ties to the research matrix in Figure 1 (max 1 page).
  • Contact information for two references
  • A cover letter that briefly describes your motivation to apply for this position. You are encouraged to list here names of 1-5 KTH/Stockholm University faculty members or RISE Digital Systems Division researchers that you would like to work with (max 1 page).

Contact: Johan Schuber, Jana Tumova, Please include “Postdoc fellowship” in the subject of your email.

Apply here:


Q: What does the fellowship funding include?

A: The funding includes your own salary costs. The funding will be managed by the division that will host you.

Q: What happens after my application is submitted?

A: During the first two weeks after the application deadline, KTH, Stockholm University, and RISE Digital Systems researchers will be identifying applicants they would be interested in working with. During this period, you may be contacted by one or several potential supervisors asking for an online interview. If you are not contacted, it does not necessarily mean that your application was not successful. After this phase, a selection committee with members from KTH, SU, and RISE Digital Systems will rank the candidates based on their merits and fitness to the Digital Futures environment.

Q: If I receive this fellowship, can I choose the supervisor and the co-supervisor?

A: As there has to be a mutual interest, an offer for the fellowship comes with an offer, or several offers for supervisor and co-supervisor. If you know who you would like to work with already now, please include this information in your cover letter.