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Summer training in the new Science of Digital Transformation

A Summer Research Internships (SRI) Programme was organised from June through August. The 8-week programme was part of the Digital Futures initiative’s goal of offering training in the new Science of Digital Transformation. The SRI programme was directed towards students on the bachelor and master level who were given the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of researchers affiliated with Digital Futures.

– All in all, 13 students participated. It has been very exciting to see the students enthusiastically take up their research projects, and systematically go about addressing the various technical aspects involved. Their motivation levels have been consistently high, which is quite impressive! says Henrik Sandberg Vice-Chair for Digital Futures Working Group Trust and Professor Decision and Control Systems at KTH EECS.

– The SRI students were invited to participate in weekly activities and seminars to gain the first-hand experience with working in an academic setting. They also had access to the Digital Futures space.

The events, coordinated by the postdocs Sebin Gracy and Matthieu Barreau offered various topics such as:

  • Interns presenting their work to their peers and mentors
  • PhD students talking about their impressions about life in graduate school
  • Life in industry vs. life in academia
  • Procedures for applying to various PhD programs, both in Europe and in the US
  • How to give a good conference-level talk
  • Study visit to Digital Futures-affiliated industry partner

– We hope that the time spent working on the projects have been rewarding for the interns and that they now have a better understanding of life in a high-level research environment. Next year, we expect to attract more interns who would contribute towards realizing the vision of Digital Futures, concludes Sebin Gracy.

Meet some of the students in this series of interviews:

Curious about the SRI programme for 2022? Please get in touch with us if you would like to know more.

Henrik Sandberg:
Vice-Chair, Digital Futures Working Group Trust
Professor, Decision and Control Systems, KTH EECS

Sebin Gracy:
Postdoc, Decision and Control Systems, KTH EECS

Matthieu Barreau:
Postdoc, Decision and Control Systems, KTH EECS


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