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The Audible Universe 2 – Hybrid event

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Dec 16

Date and time: 12 December – 16 December 2022, appr 09:00-17:30 CET (see daily program)
Title: Audible Universe 2
Where: Lorentz Centre Oort, 3rd Floor Oort Building, Neils Bohrweg 2, 2333, CA Leiden, The Netherlands

Participation by invitation only.

For program, participants and workshop files, please go to the Audible Universe 2 website

This event is co-sponsored by Digital Futures

Interesting reading! The article ‘Sound experts’ perspectives on astronomy sonification projects‘, with Sandra Pauletto and Roberto Bresin, both from KTH, as co-authors, has just come out in Nature Astronomy. The article is one of the outputs of the previous Audible Universe workshop in 2021.

The Audible Universe 2 workshop is part of the NIAS-Lorentz Program, which brings perspectives from humanities & social sciences and natural & technological sciences. One of the organizers is Sandra Pauletto,  Associate Director Mobility, Digital Futures.

• Recent Progress on Sonifications of Astronomical Data
• Novel Design Methods for Sonification of Astronomical Data
• Scientifically-Driven Evaluation of Astronomical Data Sonification
• Standardization, Customization, Training, and Dissemination
• Future Steps for Mainstream Scientific Sonifications

Scientific organizers:
Anita Zanella, Istituto Nazionale di Astrofisica
Nicolas Bonne, University of Portsmouth
Kate Meredith, GLAS Education
Nicolas Misdariis, IRCAM (STMS Ircam-CNRS-SU)
Sandra Pauletto, KTH Royal Institute of Technology and Associate Director Mobility Digital Futures
Christopher Harrison, Newcastle University

The Lorentz Center organizes international workshops for researchers in all scientific disciplines. It aims to create an atmosphere that fosters collaborative work, discussions and interactions.