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KTH Life Science Day 2023 – Continuous monitoring of health data

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Nov 22

Date and time: 22 November 2023, 13:00 – 17:30 CET
Title: KTH Life Science Day 2023
Where: Digital Futures hub, Osquars Backe 5, floor 2 at KTH main campus


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This event is co-sponsored by Digital Futures. 

KTH Life Science Day 2023 will showcase some of the work within continuous monitoring of health data at KTH. It will feature speakers involved in sensor development, data analysis and visualisation pipeline creation, infrastructure for data sharing establishment, and formulating design philosophies and ethical guidelines for handling the extensive data associated with continuous monitoring.

The healthcare landscape increasingly recognises the importance of frequent health data monitoring, a trend not limited to the ill but extends to the wellness-seeking population. This aligns seamlessly with our data-centric society, where acquiring and storing massive amounts of information has become more accessible. Continuous monitoring of health data poses numerous opportunities and challenges and is therefore the theme of KTH Life Science Day 2023.