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The Digital Futures Working Group Rich and Healthy Life will support Digital Futures researchers to apply for ERC (European Research Council) grant. We will accept applications for support to write grants targeting the Consolidator Grant call (ERC-2024-CoG) and the Advanced Grant call (ERC-2024-AdG).

How to apply

  • The proposal should contain a short abstract and an explanation of why the proposal is relevant to the Rich and Healthy Life working group (together at most half an A4 page).
  • The proposal should include a link to the applicant’s Google Scholar page.


  • We will evaluate these proposals based on excellence and relevance to the Rich and Healthy Life working group and Digital Futures.

Five submissions will be rewarded 100 kSEK each based on an evaluation made by the working group and possibly budgetary constraints from the applicant’s organization.

The funding will be available when the ERC or KAW proposal is submitted.

Submission deadline

Applications should be sent to Wouter van der Wijngaart, by email to, no later than 29 October 2023.

Questions? Please contact Wouter Metsola van der Wijngaart,