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It’s time to kick-off the summer research internship programme

The Digital Futures Summer Research Internship (SRI) Programme was established in 2022. Its objective is to provide interns with first-hand experience working in an academic setting. The SRI programme is directed toward bachelor’s and master’s level students at KTH, Stockholm University, or RISE, who will have the opportunity to conduct research under the guidance of researchers affiliated with Digital Futures.

Digital Futures researchers from KTH, Stockholm University, and RISE were encouraged to nominate students. Now, some 50 BSc and MSc students will participate in an 8-week internship, conducting research projects under the supervision of Digital Futures faculty members; six of them will have an exchange programme with UC Berkley in each direction and two with Purdue University.

The Summer Research Program starts with a Kick-off on 5 June, followed by a visit to Ericsson Imagine Studio and Stockholm City Hall on 17 June. There will be a panel on Life in Industry and a Poster session on 4 July and a visit to Xylem on 10 July. On 6 August, another panel is planned, focussing on Life in Academia. The final presentation on the students’ research results will be held on 27 August. Besides research project activities, interns will enjoy PhD students and postdoctoral researchers sharing their experiences of graduate school life, guidance on applying to various PhD programs in Europe and beyond, workshops and social activities.

The SRI event this year will be running from June through August 2024. The events will be coordinated by KTH Associate Professor Olga Viberg, KTH Assistant Professor Matthieu Barreau, and Digital Futures Programme Officer Claudia Enciso.

Text: Johanna Gavefalk