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Digital Futures Faculty Workshop: Resilient Digital Society

On the afternoon of May 21, the National Museum of Science and Technology was the place for an engaging and informative workshop hosted by David Broman, Associate Director Faculty at Digital Futures. The event, themed “Resilient Digital Society,” brought together around 60 participants, including faculty members, PhD researchers, and postdocs affiliated with Digital Futures.

David Broman, who is currently a Visiting Professor at Stanford University’s Computer Science Department, inaugurated the event via Zoom. Onsite support was provided by Cyrille Artho, Associate Professor in the Division of Theoretical Computer Science, and Marco Chiesa, Associate Professor in the Division of Software and Computer Systems, both from KTH Royal Institute of Technology.

Karl H Johansson, Director of Digital Futures, provided a brief update on the organization’s recent initiatives, setting the stage for the keynote address.

David Olgart, Director of Cybercampus Sverige, delivered the keynote titled “Cybercampus Sverige – Preparing Sweden for a Cybersecure Digital Transformation.” His insights highlighted the strategic efforts needed to fortify Sweden’s digital infrastructure against emerging cyber threats.

A coffee break providing a good time to network was followed by a compelling panel discussion  featuring industry leaders and experts:

  • Jenny Gardner, Senior Director at Saab
  • Stefano Sorrentino, Principal Researcher at Ericsson
  • Karin Ekdahl Wästberg, Director of Innovation at Stockholms stad
  • David Olgart, Director of Cybercampus Sverige

The panellists discussed the challenges and strategies for creating a resilient digital society. The discussions underscored the importance of collaboration across sectors to enhance cybersecurity and digital resilience. Group discussions ensued, allowing participants to delve deeper into the topics, followed by plenary discussions to consolidate ideas and insights.

The evening concluded with an opportunity for attendees to explore the museum, followed by a cosy dinner, fostering further networking and discussion. Again, thank you to all participants for their collaborative spirit and forward-thinking approach – special thanks to Ulrika Larsson, Site & Event Officer Digital Futures, for organizing the event.

Photos: CC-BY 4.0 Mario Romero 2024

Text: Johanna Gavefalk