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Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse at the hub – a captivating peek into tomorrow’s possibilities!

It was an exciting day at Digital Futures as we welcomed Knut och Alice Wallenbergs Stiftelse to Digital Futures – Peter Wallenberg Jr, Sara Mazur, Philippe Gandet, Axel Eklund, along with KTH President Anders Söderholm, Vice President for Research Annika Borgenstam, and Director Digital Futures Karl H. Johansson.

A round tour of inspiring presentations showcased groundbreaking research at KTH, delving into quantum-enhanced sensing and communication, wireless connectivity, predictive maintenance, nanoscale dynamics, and social media impact mitigation.

The research presentations engaged the audience and generated many interesting questions. A captivating glimpse into the future!

A very focused audience during the tour of research presentations.

Here’s what you could enjoy:

  • Nanostructure electrodeposition and electrocatalysis by Paula Sebastian Pascual, Assistant Professor and WISE fellow
  • Quantum NanoPhotonics by Ali Elshaari, Assistant Professor
  • Dynamics at the nanoscale: ​from cells to stars​ by Ilaria Testa, KTH, Dep. of Applied Physics, SciLifeLab,  Stockholm (Sweden)
  • Quantum enhanced sensing and communication by Vaishali Badrish Adya​
  • Quantum Materials for Future Technologies​ by Associate Professor Yasmine Sassa, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Department of Applied Physics​
  • Mitigating adverse effects in social media by Aristides Gionis, WASP Professor at KTH, Digital Futures Faculty
  • Wireless Communication by Emil Björnsson, Professor of Wireless Communication, Digital Futures, IEEE, and Wallenberg Academy Fellow​
  • Geometric and topological analysis of data ​ with applications to neuroscience by Martina Scolamiero,​ WASP Assistant Professor, Geometry and Mathematical Statistics in Artificial Intelligence​
  • Physics-Informed Machine Learning in Industrial Applications by Matthieu Barreau, WASP Assistant Professor, KTH, Digital Futures