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Join our workshop: Trustworthy AI regulations and their industrial/societal implications

Are you curious about the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with industrial and societal applications? Are you eager to delve into the complexities of AI regulation and its impact on innovation and trustworthiness? Look no further! Welcome to our workshop, where stakeholders and communities gather to analyze the evolving landscape of AI regulations and explore its implications. Welcome on 4 April 2024, 13:00-16:15 (informal lunch 12.00-13:00) at Digital Futures hub!

In an era of rapid technological advancement, AI stands at the forefront of innovation, offering boundless opportunities while raising critical questions about trust and responsibility. Our workshop serves as a crucible for dialogue, where we navigate the intricate web of regulations, standards, and socio-technical considerations shaping the future of AI across various domains.

Key Questions We’ll Explore:

  • What is the current state of AI regulation, and what lies ahead?
  • How can we strike a balance between innovation and trustworthiness?
  • What are the challenges of overlapping and conflicting regulations?
  • How do AI regulations intersect with domain-specific laws?
  • What synergies exist, and how can we foster convergence?
  • Bridging the gap between regulators, practitioners, and researchers.
  • Creating innovative ecosystems to promote trustworthy AI.

Workshop Program:

  • Informal icebreaker lunch: Get to know your fellow participants.
  • Session 1: Keynote and Short Talks: Insights from AI, law, and industry experts.
  • Session 2: Breakout groups: Dive deep into discussions and generate actionable insights.
  • Session 3: Panel debate – Industrial responses: Hear perspectives from industry leaders.
  • Next Steps and Wrap-Up: Charting the course for future endeavours.

Join us on a journey of exploration and collaboration as we unravel the complexities of AI regulation and chart a path towards a more trustworthy and innovative future.

Don’t miss out. Reserve your spot today. Here is the link to more information and registration!

Chairs and initiators: Martin Törngren (KTH) and Rafia Inam (KTH)

Co-sponsored by Digital Futures and co-organized by TECoSA