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IBD 2023 – registration for ONLINE participation is still open!

Welcome to the INTERPRETABLE BRAIN DATA workshop 2023 on 8-9 June!

Human brain data is complex and the process of going from raw recordings to meaningful information is highly non-trivial. Information processing in the brain is spread across a wide range of scales, both spatial and temporal. Moreover, working with neuroscientific data involves dealing with a large amount of data, which is usually noisy and have many subject-specific properties. To address these difficulties experts from different fields must work together in order to produce meaningful knowledge from brain imaging data.

Being able to interpret brain data is not only important to have a better scientific understanding of how the brain works, but is especially relevant to design better diagnostic protocols and treatments for patients with neurological diseases.

The aim of the IBD workshop is to bring together people involved in different parts of the process of transforming human brain recordings into interpretable results. We will mainly focus on scientists working with electro/magneto-encephalography (E/MEG) and Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) data.

During the event, leading researchers in the field will introduce participants to novel techniques for data analysis and interpretation. There will also be activities to encourage dialogue among participants and to promote the emergence of new fruitful collaborations among them.

We have reached our full capacity for in-person attendance. The number of virtual attendees is not limited.
Registration deadline is 4 June. Link to registration

Link to IBD 2023 website

This event is co-sponsored by Digital Futures. 


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