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UC Berkeley and KTH – expanding opportunities for cross-national collaboration

University of California, Berkeley and KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden met in Berkeley on May 10 to sign a memorandum of understanding (MoU) that calls for expanded educational and research exchanges across a wide range of technological fields, including computer science, biotechnology, chemistry, mechanical engineering and basic scientific exploration.

KTH President Anders Söderholm and UC Berkeley Vice Provost for Academic Planning Lisa Alvarez-Cohen

The agreement was signed by KTH President Anders Söderholm and UC Berkeley Vice Provost for Academic Planning Lisa Alvarez-Cohen at the culmination of a two-day innovation conference in San Francisco organized by KTH. The conference explored opportunities for collaboration to address society’s toughest challenges, bringing together American and Swedish leaders from the private, public and academic sectors — including faculty from UC Berkeley.

The event at UC Berkeley included panels in which researchers from UC Berkeley and KTH, as well as officials from the City of Stockholm, discussed skills for the future and digital transformation and AI to address societal challenges.

A lively panel discussion with S. Shankar Sastry – University of California Berkley, Karl H Johansson – Prof KTH and Director Digital Futures, Angjoo Kanazawa – University of California Berkley, Gireeja Ranade – University of California Berkley and Karin Ekdahl Wästberg – City of Stockholm

“The agreement will open up for exchange of researchers and students and facilitate collaboration in research projects,” explains Karl H Johansson, Director Digital Futures and one of the participants at the conference. “In particular, we start a new summer internship program 2024 for KTH students to go UC Berkeley and students from UC Berkeley to come to KTH working in joint research projects.”

In the MoU, the two universities agree to expand opportunities for research and education that strengthen each university’s work toward a more sustainable society and innovative solutions for the future. More information can be found on DTI website.


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