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Digital Futures HiSS Workshop – registration is open!

Welcome to Digital Futures HiSS Workshop on 3-5 May!

Smart cities of a digitalised society are envisioned as cyber-physical-human systems of sustainable economic growth that enhance human well-being. The grand challenge for designing and developing smart cities is to achieve mutually beneficial interactions between cyber and human systems where machines learn from humans and humans learn from machines. 

The 2023 HiSS Workshop, to be held on May 3–5 in Stockholm, will deepen our understanding of the interactions between cyber-physical systems and humans, in the context of smart cities, with the ambition to improve the societal outcomes of tomorrow. In the workshop, experts across different disciplines, ranging from control theory to neuroscience, from neuroeconomics to social sciences, are brought together to address these challenges. 

The 2023 HiSS Workshop, following the success of the 2021 HiSS Workshop, is part of the Digital Futures Humanizing the Sustainable Smart City (HiSS) workshop series “From smart to intelligent cities: A human-social choice?”. The workshop series is planned during 2021-2025 with the overriding question: How do we effectively combine human-social decisions/choices on individual, societal and institutional levels to support the development and design of smart cities?

We welcome faculty from all partners of Digital Futures to the workshop. 

Link to the program

Please register for the workshop here:


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