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Saab joins Digital Futures Industrial & Societal Partnership Programme

Digitalization has the potential to create a more resource-efficient and viable society. With the vision to shape a sustainable society through digital transformation, the cross-disciplinary research centre Digital Futures, is now welcoming Saab as a new partner.

“Saab is a long-standing collaboration partner of KTH, RISE and other academic institutions in Sweden and brings a unique profile in terms of requirements and ambitions in digital technologies. For a research centre like Digital Futures, this emphasizes the need for cutting-edge excellence in those areas and presents a challenging but exciting opportunity for technology transfer”, explains James Gross, Associate Director Digital Futures Partner Programme.

“As the world becomes more uncertain and the rate of technological change speeds up, Saab needs to keep innovating to renew business. I am looking forward to this new partnership with Digital Futures. Research collaboration is important for us to satisfy our customers’ future needs in the best possible way”, says Petter Bedoire, Chief Technology Officer at Saab.

Petter Bedoire, CTO Saab
Photo: Peter Liander

Saab constantly pushes the boundaries of technology to create a safer, more sustainable and equitable world. Although headquartered in Sweden, Saab has major operations worldwide and is part of the domestic defence capability of several nations.

“As a partner of Digital Futures, Saab will strengthen our research and innovation agenda in many important aspects of digital transformation. Saab’s expertise in autonomy and decision-support systems will enable Digital Futures and our partners to work on some of the key challenges on how to build resilient and intelligent infrastructure systems of the future”, concludes Karl H Johansson, Director of Digital Futures.

Collaboration with companies and the public sector gives researchers increased insight into various societal challenges and access to data and testbeds. This way, research can focus more closely on concrete problems and contribute to a more sustainable society.

The eco-system of stakeholders, referred to as the Industrial and Societal Partnership Programme, was established in April 2022 and includes, at present City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm, AstraZeneca, Ericsson, Scania and Skanska.

Download the press release in English: Press release-Saab-partner-Digital Futures_ENG_

Ladda ner pressmeddelande på svenska: Press meddelande-Saab-partner-Digital Futures_SWE_