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City of Stockholm – Senseable Stockholm Lab: Unpacking perceived safety in urban environments

The City of Stockholm has very high targets for improving the perceived safety among the population in urban environments. In the research project Senseable Stockholm Lab, researchers from KTH and MIT join forces with city employees to develop new digital methodologies to map, understand and find ways to improve safety in urban environments.

At Digitalize in Stockholm 2022, the City of Stockholm and Senseable Stockholm Lab organized a panel titled Unpacking perceived safety in urban environments, where the latest news was shared from this research project and to hear how this field of research can develop and how this new knowledge can help the City reach its targets.

Lukas Ljungqvist – City coordinator of Senseable Stockholm Lab,  City of Stockholm planning administration

Vania Ceccato – Professor, KTH
Fabio Duarte – Principal Research Scientist, MIT
Anne Håkansson – Professor KTH
Eric Begler – Strategist, City of Stockholm
Sofia Ericsson – Urban Strategist, City of Stockholm


Link to talk on Youtube:

Link to Digitalize in Stockholm 2022 panels: