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Region Stockholm: Innovations in Healthcare with human needs in focus, benefitting from digital transformation and technologies

Research and Innovation in Healthcare are vital parts of Region Stockholm’s daily work. Research that leads to knowledge and insights can lead to innovation, but innovation can also stem from ideas related to process development, new technical solutions, etc. Innovations are developed based on the perceived organizational or individual needs (i.e. patients/ users of our services and co-workers in Region Stockholm). Region Stockholm’s Innovation Strategy aims to strengthen innovational capacity and encourage a culture that allows good ideas and knowledge to grow and come to use.

At Digitalize in Stockholm 2022 the panel Innovations in Healthcare with human needs in focus, benefitting from digital transformation and technologies, organized by Region Stockholm, discussed how healthcare innovations are developed to meet the needs of patients and citizens, taking advantage of digital opportunities and new technologies. The session will focus on three concrete healthcare innovations that benefit from digitalization to drive patient security and efficiency. Experiences and perspectives will be covered from the research and innovation development in the following areas:

  • 3D in hospital care
  • Drone delivery of automated external defibrillators to patients with suspected out-of-hospital cardiac arrest
  • Mobile solutions in pre-hospital ambulance care

A growing population with more inhabitants that live longer drive demand on healthcare providers. Patient care, patient security, quality, and efficiency are in focus, while opportunities associated with new developments, such as precision medicine and digital healthcare solutions, are emerging. The pandemic challenged health care; at the same time, it sped up innovation and digitalization.

As a step toward the future, a new Life Science strategy for the Stockholm region was launched in 2021. The ambition is to be among the top five regions in the world in Life Sciences. Region Stockholm has also organized a committee focusing on the future of healthcare called “Health and Health Care 2040”.

The panel focus on concrete innovation projects in healthcare with human needs in focus, benefitting from digital transformation and technologies.

Karin Bengtsson – CEO Kista Science City

Lena Gordon Murkes – MD, 3D Center, Dept. of Pediatric Radiology, Karolinska University Hospital
Andreas Claesson – RN. Paramedic, Associate Professor, Centre for resuscitation science Karolinska institute
Veronica Vicente – Head of Research, Development, and Innovation in the Ambulance Service in Stockholm
Fredrik Engströmer – Head of Innovation, Region Stockholm


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