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AstraZeneca joins Digital Futures Industrial & Societal Partnership Programme

Digitalization has the potential to create a more resource-efficient and sustainable society. With Digital Futures, a new research centre is emerging with great relevance for society, both in Sweden and globally.

Since Digital Futures was established in 2020 by KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm University and RISE Research Institutes of Sweden, more than a hundred projects are conducted within the centre – contributing to solving issues in future energy consumption, climate change, health care, transport and inclusive society.

Together with actors in the public and private sectors, researchers address societal challenges with innovative digital solutions, such as communication and logistics systems of the future, location-independent healthcare, climate-positive development, manufacturing systems of the future, as well as digital infrastructure and cyber security. AstraZeneca now joins Digital Futures Industrial and Societal Partnership Programme (ISPP).

“AstraZeneca is an innovation-driven biopharmaceutical business. As a partner of Digital Futures, AstraZeneca becomes part of determining the roadmap of a very large research centre in digitalization, influencing the strategic research agenda and ensuring collaboration between industry, academia and the public sector”, says Karl H Johansson, Director of Digital Futures.

Anders Bergman, Digital Business Transformation Lead at AstraZeneca Sweden Operations

“Being a part of Digital Futures ecosystem will further facilitate our collaboration with industrial and public stakeholders. This partnership will bring new insights and talents to our digital transformation driving innovation and sustainability in our operations”, says Anders Bergman, Digital Business Transformation Lead at AstraZeneca Sweden Operations.

“With Astra Zeneca joining the Industrial and Societal Partnership Programme (ISPP) of Digital Futures, we welcome a global player with a long Swedish tradition into our network. This collaboration will expand the Digital Futures network of partners into the domain of the pharmaceutical industry, with a focus on digitalization in automation and production. We look forward to a further partnership with a world leader”, concludes James Gross, Associate Director Digital Futures Partner Programme.

Collaboration with companies and the public sector gives researchers increased insight into various societal challenges and access to data and testbeds. This way, research can focus more closely on concrete problems and contribute to a more sustainable society. The eco-system of stakeholders referred to as the Industrial and Societal Partnership Programme (ISPP) was established in April 2022, with the founding partners being City of Stockholm, Region Stockholm, Ericsson, Scania and Skanska.

AstraZeneca Nyhetsarkiv: AstraZeneca’s pressmeddelande

Download the press release in English: Press release-AstraZeneca-partner-Digital Futures_2022-12-13

Ladda ner pressmeddelande på svenska: Pressmeddelande-AstraZeneca-partner-Digital Futures_2022-12-13