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Skanska: Smart Construction is needed to achieve a better and safe working environment

Watch Skanska’s panel Smart Construction hosted during the Digitalize in Stockholm 2022 conference on Youtube!

Automated Construction is still in its infancy. The major challenge is to instruct and steer robots in a manufacturing environment with low volume and high mix, i.e., flexible automation. Skanska’s solution is a digital twin of the product to be produced that, together with an algorithm for path planning and installation order, replaces the need for time-consuming conventional programming.

Electrification and intelligent construction machines are needed to reach stipulated goals for the reduction of CO2 emissions and to achieve a better and safe working environment. Slakthusområdet, near Globen, is new exploitation by the City of Stockholm, where strict requirements for electrification are an integral part of the procurement process. The panel reflects on the status of current trends and the increasing demands from project owners and society.


  • Karoline Spångberg-Nordlander – Head of Communications, Skanska


  • Kajsa Hedskog, Skanska
  • Klas Kronander, Enodo Robotics (previous Solving Robotics)
  • Ulf Håkansson – Technical Manager, Skanska Sweden AB

Link to talk on Youtube:

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