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Kick-off meeting for the Summer Research Internships Programme

An amazing group of 35 selected students gathered on June 20 at the Digital Futures hub for the upcoming Digital Futures Summer Research Internships Programme.  The Kick-off meeting started with introductory presentations from all digital future interns, followed by presentations on the upcoming programme events and happenings.

Digital Futures Summer Research Internships Programme is directed toward students on the bachelor’s and master’s levels to conduct research under the guidance of researchers affiliated with Digital Futures. Based on nominations from the Digital Futures faculty, 35 student interns were selected. The programme aims to provide a networking platform for students to conduct excellent projects in the digitalization area, interact with peers, and interact with industry and academia. The 2-month programme started with the kick-off event on June 20.

During Summer, the interns can look forward to an Industrial forum on July 4 with presentations from experts at ABB, RISE, Vattenfall and Ericsson, that will share their activities in the industry. On July 13, there will be an industrial visit to Scania. On August 1, an Academic forum is planned with presentations from PhD students and postdocs at KTH sharing their research works.

The Summer Research Internships programme ends on August 19 with final presentations from all Digital Futures interns. The three best presentations based on the voting of supervisors will be selected.

Digital Futures Summer Research Internships Organization Team:

  • Qianwen Xu, Assistant Professor, KTH EECS
  • Jan Kronqvist, Assistant Professor, KTH SCI
  • Yu Xing, Postdoc, KTH EECS
  • Mengfan Zhang, Postdoc, KTH EECS
  • Jan Rolfes, Postdoc, KTH SCI

Supported by: Prof. Karl Henrik Johansson and Prof. Henrik Sandberg



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