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Scania – hosting one of the Industrial & Societal Panels at Digitalize in Stockholm

Don’t miss the Industrial & Societal Panels at Digitalize in Sthlm 2021. The panel on “Software and hardware cybersecurity in the future automotive ecosystem“, is hosted by Scania.

The cars and trucks of today are sometimes referred to as computers on wheels. But the more accurate description is that they are cyber-physical systems where the reliability, safety and security of the information that is handled can have direct and sometimes very drastic physical consequences.

This discussion will touch on topics such as how we protect the long-lived cars and trucks in a threat landscape that is changing fast. How can we build cyber-resilience when the complexity of the entire system is too much for a human to grasp. How do we ensure that our building blocks in terms of software libraries, algorithms and hardware components do not have bugs and unknown faults?

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