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Saab – hosting one of the Industrial & Societal Panels at Digitalize in Stockholm

Don’t miss the Industrial & Societal Panels at Digitalize in Sthlm 2021. The first one out is a panel on “Urban Air Mobility – Autonomous airport infrastructure”, hosted by Saab.
How will building an autonomous airport generate new possibilities for a community? Would it be possible to prioritize traffic such as urgent deliveries within healthcare? What do the risks such as cyber security threats look like and how to handle them? Can this be a piece in the future environmental solutions within the society?
The panel will be moderated by Helena Dahlberg, Head of Communication, Saab Surveillance. In the panel you will meet Jonas Lundberg – Professor at Linköping University, Kaija Sterner – Air Traffic Controller, LFV (Luftfartsverket) and Niclas Gustavsson, Product leader for the autonomous airport, Saab.


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