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Fighting Dengue Fever with Aerial Drones

Diversity and Inclusion projects are 6-18 months-long projects that aim to increase diversity and inclusion as well as the outreach of the Digital Futures research.

Dengue and Zika are two arboviral viruses that affect a significant portion of the world population. In Sri Lanka alone, the number of dengue cases has been substantial in recent years with more than 150000 cases and 440 deaths of dengue reported in 2017.

The project Fighting Dengue Fever with Aerial Drones is about detecting breeding places using drones. The task of the drone is to identify if the water indeed is a potential breeding place and whether or not it contains mosquito larvae. Once a breeding place with mosquito larvae is detected, the public health authorities and building owners will be informed to ensure removal.

Read more about the project Fighting Dengue Fever with Aerial Drones here.

With more ongoing calls, the Digital Futures research programme continues to expand.


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