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Happy Summer!

Dear Readers,

Nine months have passed since we inaugurated Digital Futures. It’s been an intensive build-up period with a project portfolio that has grown considerably. Today more than 50 research projects are carried out in various constellations by about 150 research groups – an enormous collaborative effort. A lot of other activities are also going on at Digital Futures – seminar, lectures, curtain talks and workshops and of course the preparation for our annual event Digitalize in Stockholm 2021. And the Industrial and Societal Partnership Programme is soon to be officially launched.

I would like to take the opportunity to express our gratitude to Marina Petrova. As Vice Director for Digital Futures and Chair of the Strategic Research Committee, she has done outstanding work during the first year of Digital Futures. At the same time, I would like to welcome Viktoria Fodor, Johan Karlsson, Nicole Kringos and Mikael Skoglund to the Executive Committee.

Now it is time to have a refreshing vacation – to relax, read, exercise, and perhaps attend a couple of research conferences – whatever you may like!

Enjoy your summer!

Karl H Johansson, Director Digital Futures