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Digital Futures is ramping up – now is the time to join the Partnership Programme

As a partner of Digital Futures, you become part of determining the roadmap of a very large research centre in digitalization, influencing the strategic research agenda and ensuring collaboration between industry, academia and the public sector.

Partners at Digital Futures find an arena where they can identify common technologies and challenges for multi-partner collaboration to be matched with academic excellence.

The Industrial and Societal Partnership Programme at Digital Futures is aiming at:

  • Establishing Stockholm & Digital Futures as a world-leading innovation hub in digital transformation
  • Fostering research collaboration on industrial and societal challenges engaging fundamental and applied researchers from Digital Futures
  • Providing a platform to identify cutting-edge challenges, strategies and approaches for industry, public sector and academia
  • Accelerating the development of triple-helix project teams leading to increased success rates with national and international funding

There is also an opportunity for the scientific evaluation of business scenarios and strategic positioning in the field of science and innovation through outreach activities, distinguished lecture series and seminars.

Furthermore, our partners have the possibility to use the Digital Futures hub, our premises on the 2nd floor of the beautiful Architecture building at the KTH campus for meetings and exhibits. The partnership connects your organization with top talent, promotes career development and education of future leaders and the workforce.

If you like to know more about our Partnership Programme, please contact:

Anna Kiefer, Chief Operating Officer, Digital Futures
+46 8 790 74 80

James Gross, Professor, Division of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, KTH
Associate Director, Partner Program, Digital Futures
+46 8 790 88 19


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