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Distinguished Lecture: Vikram Krishnamurthy, Cornell University

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Oct 02

Date and time: 2 October 2023, 10:00-11:00 CEST (UTC +2)
Speaker: Vikram Krishnamurthy, Cornell University
Title: Social Sensing and Inverse Reinforcement Learning

Where: Digital Futures hub, Osquars Backe 5, floor 2 at KTH main campus OR Zoom
Meeting ID: 695 6088 7455

Moderator: Cristian Rojas,
Administrator: Emil Björnson,

Watch the recorded presentation:


Abstract: This seminar is in two related parts. The first part discusses models for sequential decision-making involving social learning. We also discuss sequential detection involving multi-agent decision-makers and rational inattention models.

The second part of the talk discusses inverse reinforcement learning (IRL) – namely how to estimate the utility function of a decision maker given its decisions. We discuss revealed preferences and Afriat’s theorem from microeconomics for IRL and also Bayesian IRL methods to detect the presence of a sequential detector from its decisions. As an illustrative example, we discuss multimedia user engagement.

Bio: Vikram Krishnamurthy is a professor at Cornell University. His research interests are in statistical signal processing, stochastic optimization and adaptive sensing. From 2002-2016 he was a Professor and Canada Research Chair at the University of British Columbia, Canada.

Link to speaker webpage: