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Deep Learning Approaches for Long-term Future Forecasting

Title of the postdoc project
Deep Learning Approaches for Long-term Future Forecasting

Main supervisor
Hossein Azizpour

Arne Elofsson

About the Digital Futures Postdoc Fellow
Hao Hu is a postdoc researcher at KTH RPL working with Hossein Azizpour. Before joining KTH, he worked as a research scientist in FX Palo Alto Laboratory (FXPAL), California, United States. Hao got his PhD in Computer Science from University of Central Florida (UCF) in 2019. His research interests include various topics in machine learning and computer vision, and with a special focus on temporal modeling and deep learning. 


Photo of Hao Hu

Hao Hu

Digital Futures Postdoctoral Fellow

Hossein Azizpour

Assistant professor, Robotics, Perception and Learning, KTH, Co-PI of research project EO-AI4GlobalChange, Digital Futures
Photo of Arne Elofsson

Arne Elofsson

Professor in Bioinformatics, Stockholm University, Science for Life Laboratory

+46 8 16 10 19