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Deyou Zhang


PhD degree from the University of Sydney, Australia, Digital Futures Postdoctoral Fellow


Deyou Zhang is a Digital Futures Postdoc at the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of KTH, where he is supervised by Dr. Ming Xiao, Co-supervised by Prof. Lihui Wang, and Dr. Zhibo Pang. Before joining KTH, he obtained his PhD degree from the University of Sydney, Australia. His research interests include millimeter wave communications, intelligent reflecting surface, and relay systems. He has published 5 papers on IEEE transactions on Vehicular Technology and IEEE transactions on Wireless Communications, and 4 papers on IEEE International Conference on Communications.

He currently works on improving the beam tracking performance for mobile millimeter wave communications using machine learning algorithms. Moreover, he also works on the implementation of high-accuracy indoor positioning using machine learning and intelligent reflecting surface.

Post-doc project:
Intelligent wireless communications and high-accuracy positioning systems

Research matrix: Digital Futures (Industry), Learn.

Main supervisor:
Ming Xiao, title, Associate Professor, Division of ISE, EECS School, KTH. Contacts:

Lihui Wang, Professor and Chair of Sustainable Manufacturing, KTH, Contact: