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Advanced Adaptive Intelligent Systems (AAIS)

About the project
The goal of the project is to develop social robots who can understand human communication and behavior and adapt their actions according to the situation. This is relevant for the development of robots in homes, in education and in health care as well as for robots working together with humans in small-scale manufacturing.

A use case scenario is an intelligent kitchen assistant that helps humans to cook and perform other chores, specifically designed for seniors. The system interacts via speech and physical collaboration and adapts its actions by a self-regulating “perception-production loop”. The project will use a new KTH lab for social robots.

Intelligent systems based on large datasets and machine learning are becoming more present in the everyday life in the form of smart devices, wearables and robots. In order to be really smart and useful they need to adapt to specific tasks, different users and situations.

Crossdisciplinary collaboration
The research team represents the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (EECS, KTH), Biotechnology and Health (CBH, KTH) and the Department of Computer and System Scienes (DSV) at Stockholm University.

Belongs to: Digital Futures
Last changed: Sep 14, 2020