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Ericsson: The future of XR and the role of the network platform

With breakthroughs in XR (Extended Reality) technologies delivered through stylish and lightweight devices (such as glasses) and new network platform capabilities, we will take major leaps forward in enabling immersive digital experiences. XR was the topic for a panel hosted by Ericsson at Digitalize in Stockholm 2022.

The panel The future of XR and the role of the network platform elaborated on the coming evolution steps of XR technologies and how network platforms will drive the performance and efficiency of the XR experiences.

Jonas Kronander – Research Leader, Ericsson Research

Magnus Arfors – Chairman and Founder, One Reality
Peter Thorngren – Technology and Strategy Leader, Volvo Group
Michael Björn – Head of Research, ConsumerLab, Ericsson Research
Petter Wannerberg – Research Engineer and VR developer, RISE
Magnus Leonhardt – Director, Head of Strategy & Innovation, B2B Sweden, Telia Company

Link to talk on Youtube:

Link to Digitalize in Stockholm 2022 panels: